The first piece of home decor that greets your guests whenever they  visit your  house for the first time is the doormat at their front door. A doormat is a super important accessory that is found in all homes, since it ensures that you do not track dirt or mud through the house. Keeping aside its functionality, the look of a doormat can also set the right tone for the look of the rest of your house. Your choice of doormat might not require too much thought, but it should, considering there are many different types of doormats. 


Types of Doormats Based On Material


The choice of material for your mats is really important, since it determines the frequency at which you need to wash it, and how effective it will be in its functionality. So here are some of the materials you can consider:


Microfibre - These mats are basically a blend of polyester or microfibre, which makes them really soft and super absorbent. These doormats are mostly used indoors, and their rubber back ensures that they don’t slip or skid. Additionally, these mats are also great for absorbing snow, so it can definitely be used in a colder climate.


Rubber - A rubber doormat is usually made of eco-friendly elements and they are super easy to wash and maintain. Additionally, rubber doormats can provide comfort to your feet, so using it at the entrance of your home where you need to enter barefoot is a sound idea. Another fun fact about rubber mats is that they are weather resistant, and UV rays do not bother them.


Coir Mats - The fibrous, outer husks of coconut shells are used for making coir mats, which makes them all natural. It thus makes for a great eco-friendly alternative to some of the other mats on the market. The rough surface of the mat ensures all dirt comes off of your shoes and you do not track it through the house/office. 


Polypropylene Doormat - A doormat made out of polypropylene is usually very strong and hard. They do not slip, and are bacteria resistant, which makes them perfect for using inside washrooms. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic which is made out of propylene monomers, and therefore it’s not an eco-friendly product, but its functionality is incredible.

Difference Between Outdoor And Indoor Mats


There are usually three different kinds of mat when it comes to design - the indoor mats, the outdoor mats, and the decor mats which can be used pretty much in any room to add to the aesthetics. Here is what you should look for in the respective mats:


Outdoor Mats - Outdoor mats are usually placed at the entrance of your house/office, and they need to be quite sturdy. A weather resistant, and high absorption mat is required for outdoor doormats. So you might want to go for a rubber or a coir mat to ensure that there is no dirt residue on your shoe soles. Owing to the weather resistant feature of rubber mats, they make for excellent outdoor mats.


Indoor Mats - As the name suggests, indoor mats are usually used inside the home/office, and chances are you will mostly be barefoot when you step on it. This is important to consider when picking the material, since you want it to be soft on your feet. You can go for a microfiber or polypropylene doormat, since they are quite sturdy and will absorb any moisture or dirt, without being too hard on your feet.


How To Pick A Mat For Your House?


Are you going mat shopping for your house? Will you stand at the doormat aisle for 20 minutes completely clueless about what to buy? If you are, here is a mental checklist of questions to help you pick the right mat for your house:


  • What do you need the mat for and where will you place it? - Do you need it for the washroom to make sure your feet don’t track water throughout the house, or do you want it for your front door entrance? You need to ask yourself what the purpose of the mat will be, and where you want to place it.

  • What colour will go well with your overall aesthetic? - Take a look at your interior and figure out what colour works best for you. Do you want a print or a solid colour mat? Make sure it does not clash with the colour/print on your wall.

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