The usual place to see a carpet is the floor or at the entrance of homes. The use of carpets helps in numerous ways. There are varied types of traditional carpets in India, but the one that is handy, lightweight, and universally used across the country is the plastic mat or famously called the chatai. It is one of the most commonly seen rugs in India – go to the countryside or a plush home in a metro, and you will see these chatais being randomly everywhere. With minimal maintenance, this pocket-friendly weather-proof, rust-proof, durable and wear-resistant, and most-of-all portable, the rugs are the best companion you have.

Here are a few top trendy traditional carpets that you can purchase online:

1. Assan Red & Gold

Made from high-quality polypropylene straws that are derived from virgin plants. The incredibly gracious looking Assan Red & Gold mat from Sapana Online is the perfect showcase of strength and beauty. Extremely versatile, the gorgeous red and gold is eye-catching and can be equated with a luxurious feel and comfort. The 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches mat is pocket-friendly, resplendent with intricate artistic work brightening every occasion and day. Order for seamless delivery from

2. Nirvana Blue and White

The Royal Blue coloured mat made from microfibers or polypropylene straws is amazingly mesmerising. Sapana online locally manufactures superlative quality virgin mats that are not only weaved to offer top-end comfort but also one that is soft and reliable, ubiquitously skin-friendly. Priced at INR 1,169.00, this is ideal for all settings and an exciting gift for friends and family.

3. Istanbul Fair Aqua & Golden

Imagine buying a microfiber floor mat that is the replica of a Persian carpet. This floor mat is woven with aqua and golden coloured polypropylene straws and designed intricately to represent the traditional carpets from Middle East Asia. With such elaborately designed micro-fibre mat available online at, you can bring home the perfect blend of two conventional art forms.

4. Murano Enchanting Red & Gold

It is another exquisite piece of work representing the blend of traditional art from the country's interiors. Murano is Italy's traditional art form where maestros handcraft on the glass to create vivid and vibrant designs with a richly coloured background. The same has been exemplified in making this piece of carpet. It has been woven with rich colours like red and gold to make it look more aesthetically beautiful. The carpet is suitable for all types of family and social events.

5. Kimberley Polypropylene Mats

A stylish piece of work, there are some excellent varieties available online. Sapana Mats handcrafts these mats from virgin polypropylene straws. The simple diamond pattern with a smaller dot in the centre looks exceptionally pleasing. There are two colour variants available – one is blue, and the other is green. The mats are extremely lightweight and portable. The aesthetic beauty of the mats coupled with reasonable prices, make the mats trendy for everyday use. They are also perfect for gifting purposes too.

All these traditional carpet options are sure to add more class, style, and elegance to your home. Bring the warmth and charm to your home with these lovely carpets. To know more, visit