Each rug design is an artwork that can enhance the look of your living space. Undoubtedly, people have diverse choices when it comes to choosing these carpets. While most of them happen to be all-time favourites, something unique pops up once in a while, and the crowd won’t stop talking about it. And then there are the classic patterns that are regional top-picks. A lot of thinking goes into the making, and this is how the process unfolds -

Types of Rugs - Based on Making

The hand-crafted and machine-made rugs fall under two different categories. The hand-made ones are generally costlier, take more time to make, and have a unique personality. They have stories to tell. They can be native to a place, enhancing their value by several folds. The machine-made rugs are more brilliant alternatives to the native hand-made ones. These can be made quickly and have high resilience and durability. They are as polished and beautiful as hand-made ones and also don’t cost a fortune. You can incorporate several designs into a machine-made rug.

Rugs Hold the Beauty of Culture
Turkish Rugs

Each Turkish rug has a native motif that draws attention. Indians are often drawn to the Islamic rugs because of their intricate design. These can be handmade, or made by machines too. These floral or patterned designs by Sapana Mats with a dark green background are close to the original Turkish rugs. People from the southern region of India mostly prefer these colours and floral designs.

Persian Rugs

Persians were all about finding relaxation, creating a soothing environment, and sitting in tranquillity. That is why you will see that most Persian rugs are inclined towards the colder colours. Closer to the Persian designs are these rugs from Sapana Mats with lighter blue and grey colours. These are corporate favourites and often seen in board rooms. Usually, the contemporary versions come with specific patterns or aesthetic shapes.

Chinese Rugs

Chinese were not very keen on carpet making during the initial days but adapted themselves to the process. The colours they strongly rely on are the warmer - reds, oranges, maroon, and yellows. These are the colours that are widely accepted in Indian households. This maroon rug with a floral and geometric pattern from Sapana Mats is a living room favourite. Also, the colours are regional favourites where people like their rugs to be extravagant and eye-catchy.

Universal Preferences

Though you will hardly find the regional favourites’ geometric patterns, these happen to be widely accepted worldwide. Black, Grey, and White are not the colours that usually impress people from specific regional ethnicities in India. But these are seen to be the safer options by many. The stripes, tile-pattern, loops, polka dots, and more - these are the contemporary preferences but rarely found in the regional creations.

Nevertheless, the carpet/rug you choose should be compatible with your house’s interior decor. The colours should transform your mood. You can find several attractive options from It is the place to find the most attractive carpets.