Share A Carpet, Share Love

They are a utility, and a piece of decor. They create warmth on a cold, windy day by saving your feet from the cold floor. They are the perfect way to enjoy a family brunch in the outdoors or huddle together to catch the Sunday morning soap opera with the rest of the family. They are an indispensable part of all your lives, and yet you probably don’t pay much attention to it daily. So what are we talking about?

This mysterious object is nothing but the regular carpet or rug in your home and on your living room floor. You probably take a lot of care in choosing the fabric, the design, and the colour, so it decks up your home and matches with the hues of the walls and the lighting. But maybe you don’t recognise its significance beyond just its aesthetic value.

Bringing Families Closer

Carpets and rugs have been used forever in India. They have evolved in their design as well as usage. Earlier, emperors and kings used to sit on these fabric pieces to enjoy a sumptuous meal or to discuss important matters of business with their cabinet. Now, the carpet has evolved to a whole new level of becoming the centrepiece of your living room, or bedroom.

But did you ever wonder that carpets and rugs bring people together? Remember the good old days when Sunday mornings used to be family time, and everyone would huddle in front of the TV, from the youngest to the oldest, to get engrossed in the weekly soap opera? Now all that’s replaced by OTT platforms, but the carpet’s role has stayed the same. You would still find friends huddling together on a piece of rug to catch a late-night game or just to enjoy a nice warm cuppa on a winter evening. You can also catch a glimpse of a newborn bonding with her furry siblings-the house pet, as she tries to learn the basics of crawling and walking.

Love for the Outdoors

Even the outdoors love the rug! Take it out for a picnic under the sun or at the beach. And feel the warmth of family love being transferred like a domino effect as you share that one piece of fabric. Oh! And how can one forget the family outing to catch a cricket game at the local club or stadium? You cannot miss many families and friends huddling together on a piece of rug or carpet to catch a glimpse of their favourite players in action while sharing the highs and lows of the match with their loved ones.

You can find more significant carpets and rugs in plenty at a big gathering like a festival or even some holy function like a marriage or puja. No matter the occasion, the carpet is always fulfilling its duty to bring families closer and stronger relations.

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