For most of us, the year 2020 was spent sheltering indoors. Homes were transformed into multifunctional spaces overnight. Right from work and entertainment to education and dining, everything was done indoors. The pandemic impacted many businesses, and the interior designing industry was no exception.


As many people were locked indoors throughout the year, they craved more comfort and wanted their spaces to meet their multifunctional demands. Whether it was designing a corner for Zoom meetings, a home office, or a space for remote learning, every space needed a new look.


Here are the top home décor trends of 2021 that you might want to checkout:


  • Luxury

The year 2021 is going to be all about creating the perfect livable luxury. We are going to see more versatility in design this year. People will now be rethinking less-used spaces and moving towards furniture concepts that play a multifunctional role. 2021 will be about comfortable upholstery, durable fabrics, and furniture designs that are versatile and elegant.


  • Relaxed and Cozy Spaces

Living rooms will now be transformed into inviting and cosy spaces where one can feel relaxed and comfortable. People will now look at having furniture like comfortable chairs, antique and sculptural pieces that make up entryways and living rooms. There will also be more rugs and carpets used around the home to make spaces cosy and comfortable.


  • Change in Floor Plans

Wide-open home layouts have been trending for a while, but the year 2021 will change the not-so-open floor plans. Since the pandemic, families were confined together in one space with Zoom meetings, online classes, and a lot happening with no privacy. Though we won't see open floor plans disappearing completely, we can expect to see more creative solutions like room dividers, bookshelves, or sliding barn doors taking over.  


  • Back to the Basics

Many designers have noticed a new interest in shades like warm taupe, brown, sand, and beige when it comes to painting. If you're not ready to paint the entire home in these shades, you can use them as accent colours. These colours can be mixed with popular neutrals like grey and white. These natural shades give a feeling of warmth to space.


  • Soft Textures

Another big change this year in the home décor scene is going to be soft textures. Ottomans and orb pillows made in mohair or shearling are trending this year. Also, sofas and seating that are upholstered in plush velvet and fuzzy fabrics are definitely in.


  • Open Kitchen Concept

When we talk about kitchen spaces, we're going to see more of the open kitchen shelving style this year. While this is certainly not a new concept, the floating shelving trend is definitely on the rise. When it comes to displaying crockery and other kitchenware, copper cookware, coloured glassware, and clay plates are the new favourites.  


  • Germ-Free Ideas

This might not be a very enticing trend, but COVID has made people search for ways to keep their homes germ free and healthier. People are now making design choices that can control bacteria's spread, particularly in areas with high traffic like the kitchen and washrooms. Touch-free bins and faucets are some of the new options people are looking to bring into their homes. If you're thinking of a renovation, then surfaces such as non-porous quartz and copper can help prevent the spread of germs.


  • The Natural Appeal

Natural textured home décor products are here to stay! Materials made from wood and wicker are still going to be in trend this year. Natural products like grasscloth furniture, seagrass rugs, rattan, and wicker will always remain a classic choice. Also, woven furniture is stylish, versatile, and full of warmth, making it easy to use when designing a home.


  • Fancy Bar Carts

Yes, you heard that, right! According to Roofing Megastore's Google Trends data, the bar carts or drinks trolley has become popular. If you've always wanted to have a bar set up at your home but do not have enough space, then a fancy bar cart would do the trick. You can place it on a beautiful mat or carpet in the corner and display your choicest wine or any other alcohol collection!


  • Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are going to continue to be in fashion. They freshen up your home and improve air quality. They also give you a sense of calm and clarity. They look pretty when placed on a shelf or a table. You can use them as beautiful décor pieces to brighten up a dull corner in your home. Caring for plants keeps you grounded and gives you a feeling of mental peace, and that's the reason it's here to stay!


These are some of the home décor trends you can expect to see this year. If you're looking out for ways to decorate your home, then you can take a look at Sapana Mats for trendy rugs, carpets, mats, and runners designed for every space.