Area rugs, runners, doormats and carpets can uplift the decor of any space. These gorgeous floor coverings make an area more inviting, warm and comfortable. But, if these are not cleaned regularly or start accumulating dust and stains, their whole purpose as decor enhancers gets defeated. 


Compared to other household accessories, cleaning of rugs could come across as a daunting task. Let's take you through easy cleaning hacks that will keep rugs and carpets looking like new, and make them last longer. 


General Cleaning Tips for Area Rugs

Every few months, you will need to deep clean the carpets and rugs. Deep cleaning prevents damage to the various base materials used in these expensive floor coverings. Area rugs and carpets are quite an investment, so it is highly recommended to follow the particular care instructions mentioned for the said product. For general cleaning, follow these steps:


  • Take the rugs and carpets out once or twice every fortnight and shake them off rigorously to remove the accumulated dust. If your rug is placed in areas like doorways or galleries with high footfalls, you should dust them once or twice a week.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and stains. Most vacuum cleaners have an inbuilt setting of low airflow to clean rugs to prevent excessive fibres being sucked in - pay attention to use only those settings. 
  • Turn the rug and carpet upside down to clean both the sides with a vacuum cleaner thoroughly.
  • Next, clean the floor's edges covering with vacuum cleaners, as these are the areas where dust settles in most frequently. 


With these easy to follow instructions, you can clean all types of carpets and rugs. 

Remember, regular cleaning of rugs and carpets can increase their life. Gentle vacuuming is very helpful to keep them looking clean. Be careful not to overdo it or use excessive airflow to prevent damage to fibres.