As they say - keep your personal and professional matters separate. You should also choose your home and business rugs differently! A lot of thinking goes into picking the right rug for yourselves! If you know where to look and what to do, you can play with some colours, opt for crazy combinations and settle down on the best rug that will make the room stand out! Here’s what you can do to choose the rugs for both your abode and business set up.

Rugs for your Home

The main thing you need to have in mind is - you will see this space every day! After a long day of work, you will enter the house and look at this carpet. So, you need to choose something that can soothe your mind and bring a smile to your face.

If you have a couch set that has a solid colour, you can go for a preppy patterned rug that will make the room look vibrant - like Sapana’s Portland Multicolor Area Rug. You can also go for some ‘character print’ rugs, especially for a Kid’s room. If your couch is patterned, choose a rug that has a solid colour.

It’s always good to match your rugs’ colour with the artefacts or decors in the room. The colour of your vase can match your rug’s colour if you don’t want to go for the obvious ‘sofa-rug’ match.

Dark and rich velvets can be the right choice for your bedrooms and intimate spaces. A dim dark or pastel shaded rug can make a small room look bigger than it is. Something like Sapana’s Comfort Area Rug with floral design will add beauty to your room. If you like the reds and yellows, keep them reserved for rooms that have adequate ventilation. This choice will create serenity in the space.

Rugs for Your Office

Durability needs to be your priority while choosing office rugs, which is not a necessary home carpets trait. You never know who would walk, stomp, kick and drag their legs over your carpet. It will just be you and your family most of the time at home.

It’s always good to choose rugs with dark colours so that the stains and dirt will stay hidden! The dark colours might look too bold in the home space, but the office? They have more ventilation and space. They can handle the darks. Also, having some rich prints will create a royal ambience. Pattern prints like maroon Mashael area Rug will look great in the office’s reception area.

If your office has light-coloured walls, it’s an excellent option to go for maroons, pinks, and reds. Warm yellows and orange is perfect for glass cabins and open seating spaces.

You cannot experiment with dull colours at home because that might create unwanted melancholy. But in Board rooms and meeting halls? The dark colours might just be the right fit! They add character to the room without drawing too much attention. Peppy colours will stand out awkwardly in public spaces where intellectual discussions happen. But it’s quite the opposite in the houses. Peppy colours are in demand there!

This - or - that, a right mix and match will help you end up with the right carpet for your home and office. You can find many options by visiting - where you get carpets of the highest quality at affordable prices.