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  1. Top trends in traditional carpets

    The usual place to see a carpet is the floor or at the entrance of homes. The use of carpets helps in numerous ways. There are varied types of traditional carpets in India, but the one that is handy, lightweight, and universally used across the country is the plastic mat or famously called the chatai. It is one of the most commonly seen rugs in India – go to the countryside or a plush home in a metro, and you will see these chatais being randomly everywhere. With minimal maintenance, this pocket-friendly weather-proof, rust-proof, durable and wear-resistant, and most-of-all portable, the rugs are the best companion you have.

    Here are a few top trendy traditional carpets that you can purchase online:

    1. Assan R
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  2. Top 5 Trending Rug Patterns In 2021


    Carpets being considered the fifth wall in the room. Yes, it's true. People these days are going for white walls and then adding colours and patterns in the form of carpets. They are finding this style quite versatile, classy as well as affordable too.

    Gone are those days when carpets were heavy-duty, rusty, and old style. Today, you get lightweight, easy to clean and maintain carpets. They come in a huge variety and style which are perfect for your home be it any size or shape.

    Let's have a look at the top 5 trending rugs patterns which are going to rule in 2021:

    1. Mughal Pattern Rug

    Nothing can beat the classic and grandeur when it comes to Mughal pattern carpets. The big pattern

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  3. Traditional Carpet Makeover Tips For Your Living Room

    Are you bored with how your living room looks? Well, here’s a simple solution—carpets! Carpets are an absolute favourite with interior designers. They can silently change your entire room’s vibe. The trick is to find the right carpet that goes with your room’s decor and brings the whole space to life. So give your living room the perfect makeover with these excellent traditional carpet ideas!

    Multi-Coloured Romance

    If you own light- or dull-coloured furniture and want to brighten your living room’s vibe, a multicoloured area rug is just what you need. You can face all your seating furniture towards your ente

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  4. How to Choose the Right Colours for Different Rooms?

    Choosing a colour for your home is one of the most challenging and intimate decisions. Since there are many colour options available, it can get tricky and confusing to choose the correct colour combos for your different rooms. Here are some insider tips of top-rated interior home decorators, which will help you select the right colour for different rooms.


    Let’s begin with one of the cosiest corners of your house. The bedroom should not only be private but must also be energising enough to wake you up every morning. Indigo blue, and white are classic bedroom colours. They add a soothing touch to your bedroom and also create a perfect warm ambience. Keep the blue for the statement wall and white for the r

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  5. Rugs/Carpets that Go With Vintage-Style Décor

    To combine elegance and charm inside your home, choosing a vintage-style decor is undoubtedly the best idea. Now, vintage style is not just about antique looks and nostalgic touches. It is a design that is timeless. That is why it has been loved and admired by people for centuries.

    One of the best ways to enhance a vintage-style decor is using a carpet or a rug. Actually, you can use a wide variety of rugs to complement vintage-style decor. A decorative rug can add the right amount of vibrance to a room apart from enhancing the vintage feel.

    So if you are wondering about the best rugs or carpets to select, some of the finest options are listed right here.

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  6. Choosing Rugs for Home Vs. Business

    As they say - keep your personal and professional matters separate. You should also choose your home and business rugs differently! A lot of thinking goes into picking the right rug for yourselves! If you know where to look and what to do, you can play with some colours, opt for crazy combinations and settle down on the best rug that will make the room stand out! Here’s what you can do to choose the rugs for both your abode and business set up.

    Rugs for your Home

    The main thing you need to have in mind is - you will see this space every day! After a long day of work, you will enter the house and look at this carpet. So, you need to choose something that can soothe your mind and bring a smile to your face.

    If you h

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  7. 6 Steps To Selecting A Rug For The Living Room

    If transforming your living room is on the agenda, a home décor must-have is the rug. Not only does a rug lend the room a cohesive appearance, it also leaves a lasting impression on its beholder. Naturally then, with so much resting on this décor essential, it can be daunting to find the right one. That is why we have curated a hands-on guide to help you choose the best rug for your home! 


    Supplemented by the variety of unique and affordable rugs available at Sapana Mats, you will be able to create a living room that is sure to be the envy of all. Here are some things you should consider when selecting a rug for your living room:


    •  Establish the purpose of the rug

    Does y

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  8. Cleaning Rugs is Easy, Read to Know-How!

    Area rugs, runners, doormats and carpets can uplift the decor of any space. These gorgeous floor coverings make an area more inviting, warm and comfortable. But, if these are not cleaned regularly or start accumulating dust and stains, their whole purpose as decor enhancers gets defeated. 


    Compared to other household accessories, cleaning of rugs could come across as a daunting task. Let's take you through easy cleaning hacks that will keep rugs and carpets looking like new, and make them last longer. 


    General Cleaning Tips for Area Rugs

    Every few months, you will need to deep clean the carpets and rugs. Deep cleaning prevents damage to the various base materials used in these expensive floor coverings.

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  9. Home Décor Trends of 2021

    For most of us, the year 2020 was spent sheltering indoors. Homes were transformed into multifunctional spaces overnight. Right from work and entertainment to education and dining, everything was done indoors. The pandemic impacted many businesses, and the interior designing industry was no exception.


    As many people were locked indoors throughout the year, they craved more comfort and wanted their spaces to meet their multifunctional demands. Whether it was designing a corner for Zoom meetings, a home office, or a space for remote learning, every space needed a new look.


    Here are the top home décor trends of 2021 that you might want to checkout:


    • Luxury
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  10. Mats To Match Your Leisure Day

    Maintaining a clean and tidy home no matter what the occasion is, is always a daunting task. But it can be made a whole lot easier if you have a clean and well-kept leisure day! 


    Mats that accompany us when we plan to have a leisure day in the outdoors are usually made of lighter materials. Outdoor mats are prone to abrasion, dust and other weather conditions. The bright colours of these mats attract people and give them an idea of being on this mat for fun. These mats are easy to clean, which will help to maintain their grand appearance. 


    There are so many different kinds of mats you can choose from to suit your leisure activities. There are beach mats for example, that can be bought to help you enjoy the beach more. These

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