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  1. Our Top 5 Doormats

    Perhaps one of the most neglected pieces of home furnishing is the humble doormat. Not only does it need to stay under the feet at all times, but quite often, it is hardly cared for.

    However, a doormat is one of the most simple and effective ways of keeping your interiors clean. And if you believe that first impressions matter, the right choice of a doormat can deliver that. So here we are, with some of the best-selling doormats from Sapana Mats that look and feel different. Picking them will ensure that you attract the attention of your guests right from the start.

    This multicolour doormat

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  2. A Doormat Care Guide

    A doormat is an essential item if you are a fan of beautiful home decor. It is usually the first item people look at before entering your house. A worn doormat can leave a bad impression. Along with welcoming guests, it plays a crucial role in keeping your home clean. It absorbs all the dirt, mud, and water on your footwear.

    However, with regular use, it is normal for a doormat to wear and tear. Here are a few simple steps that will help you keep your doormat clean and durable:

    1. Remove the Dust Regularly

    There is nothing more embarrassing than a dusty doormat on the front door. The easiest way to make your porch look clean is to remove dust from the doormat daily. You can use a broom to wipe off

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  3. How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget Using Rugs/Carpets

    There is nothing that can beat the warmth and luxury of colourful rugs. Rugs impart a certain aura of elegance and homeliness and make people feel welcome just by being there. These carpets are perfect for any space in a house. If you plan to decorate your home and look for suitable rugs or carpets, check out an extensive collection of rugs by Sapana Mats, available in patterns ranging from area rugs to geometric rugs. Whether your home style is traditional or contemporary or leans to a style that is an eclectic fusion of the two, you are sure to find just the right rug to jazz up your home!

    A Lovely Décor Essential For Your Home

    Carpets are one of the must-have and most popular home and office furnishings the world

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  4. The Ultimate Guide to Layering Your Rugs

    Have you heard about layering of rugs? It’s the home trend that has caught everyone’s attention. Discover what is layering of rugs and the art of doing it right here.

    What is Layering of Rugs?

    We all know rugs are used to accentuate the look of a room. They add a warm, welcoming touch to the main room and lend a vibrant feel to the other areas of your home. Layering of rugs simply means laying two or more rugs on top of each other for a distinguished and unique feel. In layering, rugs with complementing colours and shades are used to heighten the beauty of a room.

    Rug layering is the best way to turn even the simplest of home decor lively, without the fear of it looking overly done. While a single rug

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  5. Top 5 Trending Rug Patterns In 2021


    Carpets being considered the fifth wall in the room. Yes, it's true. People these days are going for white walls and then adding colours and patterns in the form of carpets. They are finding this style quite versatile, classy as well as affordable too.

    Gone are those days when carpets were heavy-duty, rusty, and old style. Today, you get lightweight, easy to clean and maintain carpets. They come in a huge variety and style which are perfect for your home be it any size or shape.

    Let's have a look at the top 5 trending rugs patterns which are going to rule in 2021:

    1. Mughal Pattern Rug

    Nothing can beat the classic and grandeur when it comes to Mughal pattern carpets. The big pattern

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  6. Top trends in traditional carpets

    The usual place to see a carpet is the floor or at the entrance of homes. The use of carpets helps in numerous ways. There are varied types of traditional carpets in India, but the one that is handy, lightweight, and universally used across the country is the plastic mat or famously called the chatai. It is one of the most commonly seen rugs in India – go to the countryside or a plush home in a metro, and you will see these chatais being randomly everywhere. With minimal maintenance, this pocket-friendly weather-proof, rust-proof, durable and wear-resistant, and most-of-all portable, the rugs are the best companion you have.

    Here are a few top trendy traditional carpets that you can purchase online:

    1. Assan R
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  7. Traditional Carpet Makeover Tips For Your Living Room

    Are you bored with how your living room looks? Well, here’s a simple solution—carpets! Carpets are an absolute favourite with interior designers. They can silently change your entire room’s vibe. The trick is to find the right carpet that goes with your room’s decor and brings the whole space to life. So give your living room the perfect makeover with these excellent traditional carpet ideas!

    Multi-Coloured Romance

    If you own light- or dull-coloured furniture and want to brighten your living room’s vibe, a multicoloured area rug is just what you need. You can face all your seating furniture towards your ente

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  8. How to Choose the Right Colours for Different Rooms?

    Choosing a colour for your home is one of the most challenging and intimate decisions. Since there are many colour options available, it can get tricky and confusing to choose the correct colour combos for your different rooms. Here are some insider tips of top-rated interior home decorators, which will help you select the right colour for different rooms.


    Let’s begin with one of the cosiest corners of your house. The bedroom should not only be private but must also be energising enough to wake you up every morning. Indigo blue, and white are classic bedroom colours. They add a soothing touch to your bedroom and also create a perfect warm ambience. Keep the blue for the statement wall and white for the r

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  9. Rugs/Carpets that Go With Vintage-Style Décor

    To combine elegance and charm inside your home, choosing a vintage-style decor is undoubtedly the best idea. Now, vintage style is not just about antique looks and nostalgic touches. It is a design that is timeless. That is why it has been loved and admired by people for centuries.

    One of the best ways to enhance a vintage-style decor is using a carpet or a rug. Actually, you can use a wide variety of rugs to complement vintage-style decor. A decorative rug can add the right amount of vibrance to a room apart from enhancing the vintage feel.

    So if you are wondering about the best rugs or carpets to select, some of the finest options are listed right here.

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  10. Choosing Rugs for Home Vs. Business

    As they say - keep your personal and professional matters separate. You should also choose your home and business rugs differently! A lot of thinking goes into picking the right rug for yourselves! If you know where to look and what to do, you can play with some colours, opt for crazy combinations and settle down on the best rug that will make the room stand out! Here’s what you can do to choose the rugs for both your abode and business set up.

    Rugs for your Home

    The main thing you need to have in mind is - you will see this space every day! After a long day of work, you will enter the house and look at this carpet. So, you need to choose something that can soothe your mind and bring a smile to your face.

    If you h

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