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  1. How Chatai Mats are making a comeback


    The history of Chatai mats dates back to the 19th century and the practice of using chatai, or reed mats as they are often known as, has since then been widely prevalent in South East Asia and India. Traditionally, these chatai mats were made using reed, palm leaves, bamboo twigs etc. In India, the Chatai garnered a reputation of being the most efficient floor covering, especially due to our traditional practices like sitting on the floor while consuming meals, doing yoga etc. With the advent of technology and modern weaving methods, reed grass was replaced with polypropylene. This resulted in mass production of chatai mats and made them a common household item.

    The legendary chatais were not only akin to members residing

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  2. Making Dreams of Owning Rugs & Carpets Come True


    Personalising one’s humble abode is a universal phenomenon. It’s a common sight to see a home standing tall with pride, featuring its family legacy and traditions tracing many generations. Curated with stories, memories, and meaningful souvenirs from the past, a home is much more than a place. In fact, a home is a feeling with your loved ones around.

    Regardless of its size, height, and area, every house deserves to be adorned and made into a unique space. Choosing your wall shade, chandelier, floorings, and accessories, to what kind of wood is to be used for the main door: every choice contributes to creating a space that speaks to you.

    When it comes to setting up your home, rugs and carpets significantly tra

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  3. Why is placing doormats essential?


    Sometimes when we visit a friend or a family member, we see a doormat in front of their door and wonder whether it was really necessary to have one. However, doormats do more than just take up space. They can be a cost-effective solution towards:

    1. Preserving your floor

    Your rugs, tiles or wooden flooring are your pride. Your decor seems perfect with them as they go together seamlessly with the paint and the aesthetics of your room. Having to replace them can be a painful experience both emotionally and financially. Continuous wear to these floors is inevitable, especially during monsoons. A doormat can spare you a lot of this heartache. It keeps the feet of the guests clean so as to not have to

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  4. How to choose the best entrance matting material


    Shopping for doormats can be difficult with there being so many different materials to choose from. Different materials have different properties that make them perfect doormats. Here are the most popular materials used for making doormats and their characteristics, to help you choose the best fit for you:

    1. Polypropylene

    Polypropylene mats are durable and versatile. Their abrasive texture gives an effective scraping action and is great at trapping up dust that our soles might bring in from outside. Polypropylene doormats are perfect for reception areas and in front of the main doorway for houses. The doormats at our online store are as durable as they are aesthetically pleasing. Check out our

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  5. The Importance Of Rugs & How To Use Them


    We’re all very familiar with the fuzzy and warm feeling of stepping onto a rug barefoot. Apart from the sensory benefits that rugs provide, they also make rooms come alive with their patterns, cosy tufts and colours. Rugs are the most affordable and effortless way to transform your interiors. Rugs can be used to add elegance to any room, no matter its size or make.

    Rugs are extremely important for many reasons, but these qualities make them an essential addition to your interiors:

    1. Protects from allergens
    2. Offers a soft surface
    3. Makes cleaning easy
    4. Anchors furniture
    5. Transforms decor on a low budget

    If you have recently bought a rug, or are unsure about h

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  6. Runners that will liven up your kitchen decor


    Your kitchen might be the last place that comes to mind when you think about runners, but it’s never too late to try something new to transform your home decor. Adding a runner to your kitchen beautifies your floors and adds a soft and warm surface for your underfoot. Making meals for yourself or your family becomes a comforting experience when you have a bright and cosy runner to move around on. Runners also provide great protection against stains and slips, which are likely to happen around the sink or stove.

    At Sapana Mats, we have a wide range of vibrant and versatile runners to add a spark to your kitchen floors. Here are some of our favourite runners:

    1. Portland (PL-07) Runner
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  7. Tips on How to Choose Entrance Doormats to Match Your Home Interior


    Doormats, as many believe, are the first line of defence of your home. Apart from trapping dirt and debris before anyone enters your home, it also protects your floor and prevents you from slipping. Moreover, doormats are a great way to elevate your home’s design and elegance with their shades, styles, and patterns.

    If you’re looking to buy doormats for your home then consider these 4 factors that will help you make the ideal choice:


    While hunting for doormats, determining its size is the first thing you should consider. You should opt for a doormat that covers a large area of the space with its length and width. Guests visiting your home should feel comfortable to dust off their footwear before entering you

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  8. Is sleeping on a Chatai good for you?


    Sleeping on the floor may seem like an alien concept for the Western culture, but it's still relevant in Indian and other Eastern cultures. Regardless of boundaries and differences, we all know that good sleep is essential for the human body and mind to recharge. It helps you lead a healthy and balanced life, and thus your sleeping position and surface hold great significance. One incorrect posture can cause you severe pain for many days.

    Our ancestors and many people even in modern times believe sleeping on the floor has several health benefits. Here are 5 reasons why sleeping on a floor with chatai is good for you!

    Relieves back and neck pain -

    Sleeping in the wrong position often causes you back and neck pain.

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  9. Innovative Home Decor Door Mats Ideas to Try at Your Home


    Although many may argue that doormats do not form a part of your home interior, they contribute to the first impression of your home for any visitors and passerbys. Doormats welcome your guests and family members into your home. For some, the sight of a bright doormat incites the feeling of warmth and familiarity, whereas for others, dark-hued doormats are more easy on the eyes.

    If you are on the lookout for your next best doormat, consider adding these innovative tips before you add a doormat to your cart…

    1. Like furniture, like doormats

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  10. Why it’s important to use floor mats


    Floor mats are very common in Indian households. They serve many functions, right from keeping your floors stain-free, to keeping your feet warm during winters and offering a comfortable surface to lie down on during summers. The place of a floor mat in your home becomes irreplaceable once you get accustomed to it.

    For those on a crossroads about getting floor mats, this is why having a floor mat in your home matters…

    1. For a squeaky clean floor:

      The biggest role of a floor mat is to keep you

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